Trunk10 a New Way to be

Intentional about Sharing Your Faith

How It Works

The Family Win’s ministry was founded on the premise that if parents were to read God’s word daily and pray his truths back into their families, we would begin to see some “REAL WINS” in the lives of those families. The fact that God promises his word will not return void means that all families, even those who are struggling will WIN as the result of a daily devotional life. Once you have begun to experience the blessings of spending time in God’s word daily, we want to challenge you to join us in ministry, by becoming part of the Trunk10 Ministry Team and begin to take an active role in seeing lives transformed.

Have you ever stopped to consider why it’s important to share your faith? Well for starters, Jesus commanded us to do so.  In Mark 16:15, he says “ go out into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation”. Let’s face it, very few of us have the gift of preaching. In fact, most of us feel pretty intimidated or ill equipped to share our faith effectively. At the Family Wins, nothing brings us greater joy than seeing lives changed by the power of the Gospel, and we want all our readers to experience that same joy. For this reason, we created the Trunk10 Model, to prepare you to be on the frontlines of ministry and intentional about sharing your faith with whoever God puts in your path.  

Here's How It Works

Step #1 Purchase TFW devotional and begin the 21 day challenge to read God’s word everyday. This will help you form a new habit essential to growing in your faith.
Step #2 Influence your friends and family to do the same...This should come naturally to you once you experience the power of TFW devotional and companion APP brings to your life.
Step #3 Join us, by stepping into a new ministry of changing lives using the Trunk 10 Ministry Model.

Every day God puts people in our lives to influence the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will be prepared for those divine appointments by having 10 Devotionals with companion Apps sitting in your trunk, ready to be given out to individuals in need of encouragement or are seeking answers. As a member of ourTrunk10 team you will receive a 20% discount whenever you purchase a box of 10 devotionals.

One of the most impactful ways to reach someone for Christ is by being a living example.

It is our experience in ministry that faith is more often caught than taught.'s one thing to tell someone how faith has changed your life, but it's even more powerful to show them through your actions. Spending time regularly in God’s word is one of those actions that speaks volumes to others. Trunk10 provides you the 3 T’s necessary to influence people for the Kingdom...1. An effective tool you believe in (TFW Devotional/APP) 2. Your testimony (what God is doing in your life), and 3.And, a trunk full of God’s life changing word ready to hand out at a moment's notice.

Being a part of the Trunk10 Ministry Team opens the door for you to share your faith in a non-threatening way right out of the back of your own vehicle. It gives you an opening to share how spending time in God’s word has positively impacted your family and strengthened your faith. What better way to introduce others to God than through his living word? Within a few weeks, individuals will have the opportunity to get to know more about the Bible, prayer, and ministry, hopefully opening the door to deeper more meaningful conversations about faith in the future.

Are you ready to get started? Click below to purchase your first Trunk10 Box or to replenish your supply! May God bless you and stretch you as you take on this exciting new outreach ministry opportunity!